Elbow And Wrist Pain


Elbow and Wrist Pain

Tennis elbow also known as ‘lateral epicondylitis’ is a stress injury with symptoms of pain and swelling at the lateral side of the elbow. Tenderness is elicited at the elbow laterally near the insertion of ‘extensor tendon’. It affects golfers, bowlers, racquet players, musicians, gardeners, carpenters, housekeepers, industrial workers and in those where the occupation demands repeated activities of hands and forearm such as daily computer activity.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome can be defined as tingling, numbness, and/or pain in the wrist.  Computer work, overuse activities and sleeping with your wrist flexed are the main causes of this syndrome.

We specialize in a variety of therapies to help your elbow and wrist.  Our protocol is shown below:

1.Cold laser treatment to help stop inflammation and pain and increase cellular healing
2.Graston (www.grastontechnique.com) therapy to decrease scar tissue, elongate muscle and tendon fibers and flush out toxins and inflammation
3.Direct ice massage designed to stop pain and improve healing
4.Adjust the bones of the elbow and wrist
5.Exercises designed to help prevent reoccurrence
6.Nutritional supplements to improve healing
Helpful Exercises
Prayer stretch- palms together at the chest level, finger pointing toward your chin. Press down  and allow your elbows to move outside rise.  Hold for 15 seconds and repeat 5 times
Towel Twists- roll up a hand towel tightly and rotate back and forth twenty times or until your wrists start to fatigue.  Repeat 3 times
Rubber Band- wrap a rubber hand around your 3 fingers and thumb, extending back and forth15 times with each hand.
Wrist brace- this is an excellent way to help stabilize the wrist and help with pain.
Elbow brace- allows the tendons to “relax” and improves healing.
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