Ergonomic Checklist


Ergonomic Checklist

Are You Ergo Correct?

Check List:

1.Is your viewing distance to your monitor between 18-30 inches?
2.Are you looking forward at your monitor without having to turn your body?
3.Is the middle of your computer screen 6” above eye level?
4.Is your monitor free from glare or reflections and do you clean it often? Do you use a glare screen to reduce the glare on your monitor?
5.Is the character size easy to read and if you wear bifocals, can you see the computer monitor without having to tilt your head back?
6.Is your chair adjustable and have a lumbar support?  Is the backrest large enough to support your entire back, but not interfere with your arms?
7.Are your knees bent  to 90 degrees or greater and do your feet touch the floor? If not do you use a foot rest?
8.Do you have a document holder to hold paper for prolonged computer inputting?  Do your arms rest on, or contact any sharp or square edges on your work surface?
9.Is your mouse, trackball, or other device (i.e. touchpad, etc), located directly in your immediate reach zone?  Is your mouse or trackball at the same level as your keyboard?
10.Do you have a wrist rest to support your wrists in a straight or neutral position?

11. Do you take short and frequent breaks to stretch and move (every 20-30 minutes)?

12. Do you frequently change body positions while working?

13. Do you provide your eyes with vision breaks every half an hour?

14. Are you drinking plenty of pure H2O?  Remember the rule of thumb is to drink ½ of your body weight in ounces every day!  Muscles are made of 80% water and what is missing out of Beef Jerky?  That’s right…water.

Yours in great spinal health,

JT Anderson, DC


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