Travel Tips


Trains, Planes and Automobiles

Many patients ask how they can travel comfortably with a bad back or neck.  It is a great question and I will outline my best travel tips to help with a smooth travel schedule.

1.Hydrate: Drink plenty of water before, during and after your travel.  What is the one thing missing from beef jerky?  Water!  Your muscles are made of 80% water and you can’t expect them to respond well when they are dehydrated.
2.Travel with a pillow:  You can use a small pillow, found at Wal-Mart, Dick’s or Sports Authority in the camping section for support to the lower back or neck while sitting for long periods of time.  If you don’t have a pillow use a coat or sweater.  The pillow is also very beneficial when sleeping in hotels and guest bedrooms where the pillow are often too fluffy or too flat.
3.Find wall space and stretch your legs and lower back by placing your hips against the wall and slowly stretching your arms toward your feet.  Gently sway back and forth finding a comfortable stretch.
4.Call ahead to the airport and inform them that you have issues with a bad back (I can write a letter if needed).  Often times they will accommodate your needs by supplying a wheelchair or a cart.  Put your pride aside.  You will also need to think about your destination airports as well.
5.Be careful with overhead luggage.  Trying to lift a bag over your head may exacerbate your back.  Ask for help!
6.Wear supportive shoes.  I realize that loafers, dress shoes, heels and sandals are stylish but they often times create major problems to the spine.
7.Bring exercise bands or tubing to maintain flexibility and strength.  You can get a great 10 minute workout using a resistive band or tubing without compromising your back.  Walking and stretching daily is also very important to increase blood flow and improve oxygen to the muscles.
8.Chiropractic:  If you are on an extended stay you may want to schedule an appointment with a local Chiropractor.  We can research a doctor of Chiropractic if needed.  I can help!



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