Frequently asked questions

How long does a session last?

Your initial sessions typically last for 60 minutes, after you've determined what kind of benefit the Device provides you can then adjust your session times to better fit your schedule.

How long does a patient have to be involved with these sessions?

This really depends upon your health condition and symptoms you're trying to improve. Some conditions are chronic (sometimes they've been with you for many years) and therefore may take several weeks to determine if the sessions may help, some are not and patients may feel better very quickly. Like most natural methods of improving your health (e.g. eating healthier meals, or beginning a new workout regimen), the technology requires a level of commitment on your part to determine how much we can help you. Ultimately, you'll be the best judge of how long and how often.

How do I know this works?

In general Energy based therapies (i.e. the application of electrical, electromagnetic fields, sound, heat, laser, or light to the human body) is a fast growing field in healthcare, generating billions in revenue over the last few years. There are many different FDA approved "energy based" technologies and well designed clinical studies that demonstrate unequivocally that your body responds not only to drugs or chemicals, but also to energy based modalities. We have studies in both animals and humans that suggests a potential biologic effect, with our electromagnetic fields. 

Does the technology treat diseases like Arthritis, Parkinson's Disease, Fibromyalgia, etc?

No, the sessions enhance feelings of relaxation, and this allows us to address "chronic stress" which is thought to play a key role in many different disease states or conditions. Accordingly, there are a number of studies that support many different aspects of "health improvement" when stress is reduced. To be clear... the Magnesphere™ DOES NOT diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.  

Why should I try this?

If you are looking to improve your current health and well being, then like most decisions in life, it is a balance of the potential Risk versus the Reward. The relaxation sessions involve no drugs, no surgery, and no pain,

  • so the potential Risk is that you spend a little time and money and nothing happens, but
  • the potential Reward is that you improve your HEALTH and Quality of Life! We can't think of a better reason to give the Magnesphere™ a try!


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