Benefits of Chiropractic Care for Car Accidents

Why call our office after a car accident?    

JT Anderson Chiropractic’s approach to treatment is rooted in this simple philosophy: treat both the symptoms and the problem. While medications help mask the pain, medication does not treat or get rid of the underlying cause of pain. Chiropractic care is an effective treatment technique for car accident injuries because our providers realign the body to fix the problem. Our goal with every patient is to improve their health from the inside out and avoid long-term pain.

Throughout the 28 plus years in practice, the providers at JT Anderson Chiropractic have helped many people involved in collisions by determining the best course of treatment for their injuries.  It is important to examine the spine, surrounding muscles as well as the emotional and cognitive changes that can happen when a car accident occurs.  Utilizing light force Chiropractic treatments, massage therapy and an abundant amount of adjunctive therapies, you can be assured that you will receive excellent care.    

Non-Obvious Injuries- Other than the move obvious car accident injuries, there are other injuries such as whiplash that are not always apparent immediately following a car accident. It sometimes takes days to feel the symptoms of whiplash, such as headache, soreness, dizziness, pain in the upper back and neck. By seeing Dr. Anderson immediately following your car accident, we can properly diagnose your injuries and initiate your care plan before the pain worsens and become unbearable.  

Benefits of Beginning Care at our office- Chiropractic adjustments relieve pressure on the nervous system and helps the body release anti-inflammatory substance, which reduces inflammation and alleviates pain.  The adjustments can help mobilize your spine and restore range of motion. Dr. Anderson has treated many professional athletes, including those who use their head to tackle.  Being the Denver Broncos and Colorado Crush team Chiropractor, he has an understanding on how to manage whiplash, concussions and injury related collisions.  

Team Approach- It is important to have a well rounded therapy approach and Dr. Anderson will offer referrals including pain management, orthopedics, neurology, physical therapy, psychology and ancillary service providers to help speed up your recovery. Together we can help you on your road to healing.

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