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In an instant, my life changes because of rear-end collision that wasn't my fault!  I had immediate headaches and neck and back pain and for a week, I was in a fog.  My attorney referred me to Dr. Anderson and I was taken care of right away, not just for my physical pain but for the concussion that was caused by the crash.  I would recommend Dr. JT Anderson to anyone who is injured in a car accident because of the level of care provided and the referrals he made to help me get back to my normal self. Thank you! -  Emily C

I was driving on a snowy day and was side-swiped by a minivan and it was totally unexpected.  I was sent by my medical doctor for physical therapy and wasn't getting anywhere after three weeks.  I friend referred me to Dr. JT Anerson's office and he ordered x-rays and an MRI of my neck and lower back.  Come to find out, I was seriously injured, suffering from disc problems in both areas.  He began a care program and made referrals to a pain specialist, neurologist, and therapist to help with anxiety. I will be forever grateful for his care and recommend his office to anyone I know who has been in a car accident.  - Peter M

I am an accountant and my brain needs to work.  Someone behind me was texting and hit me hard from behind.  My head injuries and neck pain caused me to miss work as I couldn't concentrate or be on the computer for more than 1/2 hour at a time without suffering from severe headaches.  Dr. Anderson was able to help me by sending for a digital motion x-ray, which showed torn ligament in my upper neck.  He also referred me to specialists to help with pain and high anxiety.  In his office, I used the Magnesphere and the Brain Tap to calm my brain and take the "edge" off of my memory issues and headaches. Both are amazing.  I feel so much better and believe in Chiropractic, especially with the care I received from Dr. Anderson and his awesome staff!  -  Devin B

 I had never been to a Chiropractor until I was smashed from the side.  My best friend, who was a patient at JT Anderson Chiropractic, told me I better get checked out. Being a mother of three younger children, I couldn't afford to be down.  He helped me get back to my normal self and even got me to start exercising, which I dreaded before the accident.  I've lost 20 lbs and feel better than ever and have continued my Chiropractic care even after being released from the accident.  I believe in Chiropractic and thank my friend all of the time for introducing me to Dr. Anderson's office. -Samantha M



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