Linear Traction Pillow


Linear Traction Pillow

Many of our patients have tried a variety of pillows including the gel, memory foam, and Chiropractic wave pillows to help relieve neck and spine pain.  Most are ineffective and costly.

I am an advocate of the Linear Traction Pillow designed to provide the proper curve to the neck creating the “c-shape” vital for comfort and health.  Long axis traction (pulling from top to bottom) gently separates the joints, creating increased space between the vertebra.  Correct sleeping posture includes lying on your back with support under your knees and the Linear Traction Pillow providing therapy for your neck and spine.  The traction “V” side of the pillow provides traction to pull the tension away from the neck, shoulders, mid and lower back.

•The type of pillow that is used at night is essential for spinal health.  Since 1/3rd of our lives is spent sleeping, having the proper pillow is vital for our spinal health.
•It takes 30 days to make or break a habit.  Start by using the “V” side of the pillow for 15-30 minutes.  You may flip the pillow 180 degrees and use the cylinder side of the pillow when lying on your side.
•About every year to two years you will want to replace your Linear Traction Pillow as the foam is meant to break down.  Your body will give you the signs when your pillow needs to be recycled.

Many people suffer from poor sleep, snoring and insomnia as a result of not using a therapeutic pillow that allows for the relaxation of tight joints and muscles.  The Linear Traction Pillow can provide an incredible amount of comfort and therapy and will help maintain your spinal alignment.

Yours in Chiropractic health,

JT Anderson, DC


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